Readmission relates to students who are former degree-seeking undergraduate students of UNC Charlotte. Applications for 2023 are open! Applications for Summer 2023 remain open until May 7, 2023.

You would need to apply for undergraduate readmission if you:

  • Earned your first degree at UNC Charlotte and would like to return to earn a minor, second major, or second degree. 
    • Second degree seeking students cannot apply as an undecided major. You must choose a major during the readmission application process if you will be seeking a second bachelor’s degree.
  • Are a previous degree-seeking student who transferred out of UNC Charlotte, did not complete a degree elsewhere and now you want to return or have earned your first bachelor’s degree at another institution and want to return to UNC Charlotte for another undergraduate program.*
  • Have been previously placed on Academic Suspension or Disciplinary Suspension. (Read more about readmission qualifications after being suspended.)
  • Have not been enrolled for 12 consecutive months after the semester last attended at UNC Charlotte.
    • Example: You attended the Spring 2020 semester and did not enroll by the Spring 2021 semester.

*Note: Readmit students are former degree-seeking undergraduate students of UNC Charlotte. If you have never been a degree-seeking undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte, you should NOT apply for readmission; however, one of the following scenarios may apply to you:

  • If you would like to participate in one of our undergraduate programs, you can apply for undergraduate admission as a new student. 
  • If you would like to take undergraduate courses to transfer back to another institution at which you are degree-seeking, you can apply for undergraduate admission as a visiting student. You apply to be a visiting student with Undergraduate Admissions even if you have been a visiting student at UNC Charlotte previously.
  • If you have completed your bachelor’s degree and would like to take undergraduate and/or graduate level courses without entering into a program, you can apply as a post-baccalaureate with Graduate Admissions. The post-bac admission type is only available for students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree. 
  • If you have completed your bachelor’s degree and would like to seek a graduate program (Graduate Certificate, Master’s, Doctoral), please visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information about applying for Graduate Admission. 

International Students:  

Readmission Application Deadlines

Payment and documents must be submitted by the deadline date for an application to be considered submitted by the deadline.

The following major has an earlier deadline:
The following major has an earlier deadline:
  • If you want to return for Summer First Half or Full Term, we encourage you to apply no later than May 7th. This will allow sufficient processing time before the first day of classes.
The following major has an earlier deadline:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education - Distance Education - March 15

Application Process

  1. Complete an online application. Register for Future 49er account and proceed with the readmission application.
  2. Submit a non-refundable application fee of $75 along with your readmission application. 
  3. Submit an official transcript from each institution you have attended since leaving UNC Charlotte.
  • You may have your official transcript/s sent electronically to or have them mailed to the Office of the Registrar, King Building, 9201 University City Blvd Charlotte NC 28223.
  • Please make sure that they are sent to our office. Other departments cannot forward transcripts to us if they receive them.

Decision Timeline

  • The average turnaround time is four weeks once the readmit application becomes complete  (all documents are received and the application fee is paid in full).
  • Decisions will be communicated to you via the Welcome Back Niner portal. Contacting the Registrar/Niner Central will not expedite the review process.

More Info

  • Your readmission to the university is only good for the semester in which you applied and are readmitted for. If you choose not to enroll in classes during your admit term you will be required to reapply for readmission. For example:
    • If you were readmitted for Fall 2021 and did not enroll in courses (or dropped all courses during the add/drop period and did not earn any grades for those courses) you would need to reapply for readmission in order to enroll in any courses for Spring 2022. 
    • If you attend courses during your admit term, Fall 2021, and earn grades for those courses you will NOT have to reapply for readmission for future terms (unless you do not enroll for 12 consecutive months after attending Fall 2021).
  • If you decide not to come to UNC Charlotte after submitting an application, please let us know by emailing and we will withdraw your application.
  • To learn more about Readmission to the University and forgiveness policies at UNC Charlotte, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • For general questions regarding readmission, you can contact Niner Central at If you have questions about your application (confirmation of transcripts submitted, application fee payment issues, or you need clarity about your application decision after receiving your decision letter), please contact