FAQs About Session Classes

A session is a shorter period of study during an academic year. Although the length of a session is shorter than a full term, the number of credit hours is the same, albeit condensed. Sometimes a session is referred to as “part of term”. UNC Charlotte offers a limited selection of session classes each semester.

Session courses vary in lengths within each semester and are offered at various times. Session classes will have longer meeting times per day.

No. Tuition cost is based on the number of credit hours per course. Since students are taking the same number of credit hours - albeit over a shortened time period - the cost is the same.

In Schedule Wizard, you can filter by “session” to view available classes for First Half or Second Half.

Or you can view the schedule of classes by logging in to Student Self Service on MyCharlotte and following these steps:

  1. Click the Registration, Add/Drop icon under Quick links
  2. Select Browse Classes
  3. Make sure the term selected in the drop-down box is correct
  4. Click Continue

On the Browse Classes page, you can also click the Advanced Search button to search by session.

The dates on the Banner Self-Service schedule indicate the official start and end dates for classes.

Any enrolled student who meets course prerequisites and/or other requirements can register for session classes.

Yes. Your financial aid package will include awards for classes you are taking during the full term, along with First Half and Second Half. For example, if you are taking classes for Spring Second Half, you will have registered for those classes at the same time you registered for your classes that last the full spring semester. Your award will include funding for all credit hours taken during spring, which includes those during Second Half.

Your aid will be prorated if you do not begin attendance in First Half or Second Half. Otherwise you will receive aid for all the courses you are registered for at the beginning of the semester. Financial aid awards are based on the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled during a semester. Your award will include funding for all credit hours taken during each semester, which would include any classes taken during First Half or Second Half. However, if you do not begin attendance (or start) the First Half or Second Half, your aid will be reduced.

You may need to repeat the course. Contact your academic advisor to discuss your options.

Refer to the academic calendar for registration and add/drop dates.

You will get your grades for First Half courses at the end of First Half term.

No, billing for tuition and fees does not differentiate a session class from a full-semester class.

Yes. Be aware of the drop deadlines posted on the academic calendar. First Half and Second Half have different drop deadlines.

There are many things to consider when withdrawing from classes, including tuition refunds and financial aid calculations. Refer to this withdrawal page for more information on important things to consider before withdrawing from class. First Half or Second Half have different withdraw deadlines.

Your final exam will be taken at or near the end of your session. Your instructor will indicate the time, date, and location of your exam.

Session course grades/progress will be evaluated at the end of the semester, along with your full-semester course grades/progress.

Yes. In Schedule Wizard, you can filter by “session” to view available classes.