Personal Information

Charlotte is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus environment as a foundation for your success!

Updating Your Personal Information

At Charlotte, we want to prioritize the personalization of your experience and education, that is why we offer ways in which you can update your personal information.

Through your MyCharlotte account, you can add and/or update your personal information, including your mailing address, personal contact information, preferred first name, and more. View the chart below for details on what information you can make changes to today or find the appropriate contact to assist you!

Personal Information:How to add and/or update information:
Mailing Address

Personal Email Address

Personal Phone Number

Emergency Contact Info.

Preferred First Name


Gender Identification

Marital Status
Log in to MyCharlotte

Select Student Self Service under Quick Links

Select Personal Information in the 4-square menu

Select Personal Information Dashboard

Make the appropriate selections to update your information.
Legal SexSubmit a Demographic Change Request (Documentation Required)
Veteran ClassificationContact Veteran Services
Ethnicity & RaceSubmit a Demographic Change Request (No Documentation Required)

Additional Options Coming Soon!

We recognize that a legal name or assigned sex isn’t always a good fit for everyone and that there are many reasons one might use a name, gender identity, or pronouns that are different from their legal name or assigned sex.

Through your MyCharlotte account, you can communicate a Preferred First Name, which will replace your legal first name in most systems across campus, indicate your pronouns, and add a gender marker that is separate from your legal sex designation.

Note: These options are made possible by the initiatives of the Know Me Project, to learn more click here.