Student Financial Responsibility

Students are financially responsible for each term they are enrolled at Charlotte. We encourage you to read the information below prior to registration for each term.

Official Method of Correspondence

UNC Charlotte’s official method of correspondence with students is via their official Charlotte–assigned email address. Students are responsible for regularly accessing their Charlotte-assigned email account and for taking any required actions indicated in official Charlotte correspondence sent to this address. 

Student Records & Personal Information
  • Students are responsible for keeping Charlotte records up to date with their current physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers by following the procedures outlined here
  • Upon leaving enrollment at Charlotte for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to provide Charlotte with updated contact information for purposes of continued communication regarding any amounts that remain outstanding at Charlotte.
  • By providing Charlotte with phone number(s), students give their consent for Charlotte, its agents, and its collection agents to contact them at these numbers or at any number that is later acquired for them, and to leave live or pre-recorded messages regarding any accounts or services. For greater efficiency, calls may be delivered by an auto dialer.
  • Students are responsible for providing a Social Security Number (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (TIN) to Charlotte upon request as required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations for Form 1098-T reporting purposes. If a student fails to provide their SSN or TIN to Charlotte, they are responsible for paying any IRS fines assessed as a result of a missing SSN/TIN. 
  • Students may consent to receive their annual IRS Form 1098-T electronically from Charlotte through MyCharlotte; otherwise they will receive a paper copy. Students may withdraw this consent by requesting a waiver with an email to
Course Registration & Withdrawals
  • Course registration and all written contracts with the University (such as housing, dining, parking, etc.) constitute financial obligations to pay tuition, fees, and other charges. These financial obligations, including prior term charges, are due by the payment due date; otherwise students are subject to course cancellation.
  • Students are responsible for withdrawing from Charlotte if they decide not to attend. 
  • Students are financially responsible if they remain enrolled, for all charges even if they never attend classTuition, Housing, and Dining Appeals may be submitted for extenuating circumstances within one year of the term charged. Approval is not guaranteed. Any decisions routed to the Tuition, Housing & Dining Appeals Committee is final.  
  • Students are responsible for reading and understanding the current Tuition Refund Schedule Policies for reduction in hours and withdrawals.
  • Financial obligations are not reduced when students cancel enrollment or withdraw from classes after posted deadlines.
Financial Aid & Loans
  • Students are financially responsible for repaying Charlotte any funds (i.e., grants, scholarships, University tuition support, etc.) that were remitted on their behalf to the financial aid programs for which they may have lost eligibility.
  • This may occur for various reasons, particularly with federal regulations regarding attendance, academic progress, falsifying FAFSA data, overpayment (i.e., caused by changes in enrollment hours or tuition and fee waivers), withdrawal, etc.
  • Please visit the following pages for additional information:
Unpaid Account Balance Consequences