Explanation of Fees

Tuition and fees primarily support the operations and expansion of UNC Charlotte. These fees are mandatory for every student and cannot be waived.

Ed & Tech Fee

This fee is directly related to the infrastructure supporting student technology needs across campus including hardware and software applications, supplies for educational materials, web services, laboratory expenses and equipment, public student computing labs, central email and internet services, training classes and classroom, and central help desk services.

University Fees

This is a consolidated fee that relates to University debt service payments (to construct new facilities and purchase administrative computing systems) and to support other activities/operations including Athletics programs and events, Student Activity Center operations, and Cone Center operations. The following fees are consolidated into the General Fees.

  • Athletics – Funds intercollegiate athletics, including salaries and maintenance and operation of athletic facilities.
  • Student Activities – Funds non-academic student services (Student Union, recreation facilities, student organizations, newspapers, and entertainment programs).
  • Debt Service – Funds the principal and interest for capital projects. An example for UNC Charlotte includes the Student Union, Football Stadium, and Student Activity Facility.

49er Card Access Misc. Service Charge

This fee supports the University’s 49er Card operations and support. The ID card is not only used for identification purposes, but also as a library card and as a campus card for dining and vending purchases. This fee does not cover a replacement card of a lost or stolen card.

UNC System Student Association Fee

This fee is a University of NC system-wide fee charged to all system students to support the University Of North Carolina Association of Student Governments. This association is a student led advocacy group whose main purpose is to ensure that the benefits of the University of North Carolina are extended to the people of North Carolina, as far as practicable, free of expense

Health Services Fee
  • This fee funds health and counseling services for students which includes the operations of the Student Health Center, the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Center for Wellness Promotion.
  • Distance Education Campus program students, whose classes are fully online, are not required to meet immunization requirements and are not eligible for health insurance. However, if you are taking any face-to-face, on-campus courses, you are required to comply with the Insurance Requirements.
Food Service Facilities Misc. Service Charge

This fee provides funds to support year round access, maintenance, repairs, and operation of campus dining facilities.

Safety and Security Fee

This fee provides funding for several of the recommendations made by the UNC Board of Governors’ 2013-14 UNC [system-wide] Campus Security Initiative report which include, but are not limited to, (1) campus police officer and telecommunicator compensation; (2) highly qualified and trained investigators and hearing officers for reports of serious offenses, such as sexual violence; (3) Title IX and Clery Act compliance coordination; (4) substance abuse counselors, case managers, and/or other counseling staff; and (5) system-level safety and security training, coordination, and audit functions. The fee may also provide funding to meet some additional campus-specific safety and security needs consistent with the report’s recommendations. The structure for this fee allows $26 of the $30 collected from each student to fund campus level and shared-services activities, while $4 of the $30 is allocated by the UNC General Administration for system-wide coordination, trainings, and other shared services functions.

Transportation Misc. Service Charge

This charge supports funding for Niner Transit (campus shuttle system), the Niner Paratransit service, and the CATS Access Pass. The services provide UNC Charlotte with efficient and safe campus transportation, reduce vehicular congestion and decrease the demand for proximity parking.

Matriculation Fee

Instead of paying separate fees for such things as New Student Convocation, Commencement, and hardcopy academic transcripts, UNC Charlotte students pay a matriculation fee which covers these and other services. Students are charged the matriculation fee upon entry into a baccalaureate, graduate certificate/master’s, and doctoral program at UNC Charlotte. For more information click here.

edTPA (COED Students Only)

This fee is used to purchase vouchers for edTPA, a pedagogy assessment required for teacher licensure by the NC Department of Public Instruction. Students use the vouchers to cover the cost of edTPA submission and scoring through Pearson, the assessment vendor. The fee is assessed only during the final term (student teaching) of initial teacher licensure programs. *This fee is only for College of Education (COED) major(s) students.

Health Insurance

An additional mandatory Health Insurance charge will be included on your account unless you waive out of the semester premium charge. The mandatory Health Insurance premium rate will not be final until approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. For instructions on how to waive or enroll in Student Health Insurance, visit our Student Health Insurance.

Non-Mandatory Fees

Non-Mandatory Fees (ie. Housing, Dining, Bookstore, Parking)

UNC Charlotte is a publicly-supported institution and primarily receives its revenue from the State of NC appropriations in addition to tuition and fees.