Keeping Your Aid

In order to keep receiving financial aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress.  If you withdraw or reduce the number of classes you enroll in,  it may affect your award.

UNC Charlotte requires that you maintain these standards:

  • Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Complete 66.6% of the classes you attempt, and
  • Complete your degree within a maximum time frame.

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Over awards

  • If you receive more financial aid than your Cost of Attendance, this is called an "Over Award".
  • This happens when you receive outside (non-institutional) awards after you receive your award from UNC Charlotte.

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Withdrawal from classes

  • You may be billed for a portion or all of your financial aid if you withdraw from the university.
  • The bill calculated as a result of withdrawal will depend on the effective date of withdrawal, the percentage and amount of institutional refund, and/or the last date of class attendance.

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