Graduation & Diploma FAQs

When should I apply for graduation?
  • Review your DegreeWorks audit and meet with your academic advisor/department before applying.
  • Students must apply for graduation by the deadline posted in the Academic Calendar for the term in which they will complete their requirements.
  • Students may apply for graduation three terms prior to the term in which they plan to graduate. For example, a student planning to graduate in Spring 2024 may apply as early as Summer 2023.
  • Be sure that you have declared your full program (Majors, Minors, Concentrations) but do not wait for program updates to be made before applying. Graduation Services will update your graduation application with the approved program updates.

How can I confirm my graduation application has been received?
  • The Acknowledgement page confirms your graduation application was submitted successfully.
  • Review the Pending Graduation Applications listed in the header of your Degree Works audit.
  • Graduation Services will send a confirmation email once the online graduation application deadline has officially closed for that term.

What if I forgot to declare my major/minor/concentration before applying?
  • Students should submit their graduation applications prior to the posted deadline for that term, regardless of their current major/minor/concentration. It is essential that you DO NOT miss the Graduation Application deadline in the Academic Calendar.
  • Contact the department housing the major/minor/concentration to complete a Change of Major/Minor request. Once the approved Change of Major/Minor is received and processed, the graduation application will be updated by the Office of the Registrar.

I have more than one program (degree, major, certificate). How do I ensure my graduation application includes all of my declared programs?
  • If you are earning more than one degree, major or certificate, a graduation application must be submitted for each program separately. For example, if one pursues a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Biology, those are considered dual degrees and require two separate graduation applications. A BA in both Psychology and Criminal Justice are considered dual majors, and require two separate graduation applications.
  • Minors: Minors are automatically attached to the undergraduate degree program and do not require a separate application.

If I have more than one program, what appears on my diploma? What’s the difference between having two degrees versus a double major?
  • Different degrees will have separate degree audits in Degree Works, meaning you’ll see them listed individually in the drop down menu. For example, if one pursues a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Biology, those are considered dual degrees. A diploma will be issued for each degree, BA and BS.
  • Double majors will show on a single degree audit in Degree Works, under separate major blocks. As an example, a BA in both Psychology and Criminal Justice is considered a double major. One diploma will be issued for the BA degree listing both majors.

How will I know if I’m on track to graduate?
  • The Degree Works audit should reflect 98% or 100% degree completion and all degree requirements should indicate complete or in-progress for graduating students, once they have registered for their final semester.
  • If you are not at 98% or have any questions, please consult with your academic advisor or graduate program director.

When will I know if I have officially graduated?
  • Check your unofficial transcript in MyCharlotte. The conferral date will be listed once the degree is awarded.

When/Where can I pick up my cap and gown?
  • You will be able to pick up your cap and gown from the UNC Charlotte Campus Bookstore during or after the Commencement Fair. The Commencement Fair is typically held mid-semester. View the Commencement website for more information about the fair.
  • If you are not on campus, you may place an online order with Oak Hall. You will be charged a shipping fee. Please visit the Commencement website for the order submission deadline, as it varies by term. Please contact the bookstore ( for any additional information.

How can I change my graduation date?
  • To update your current graduation application, Undergraduate students must email and Graduate students must email their college liaison with your request. Please include your Student ID.

Can I walk in the current Commencement Ceremony and complete my program requirements in a future term?
  • University policy states that students participate in the Commencement Ceremony for the term in which they complete the requirements for the degree.
  • Students completing their degrees in Summer participate in the Fall (December) Commencement Ceremony.

What time should I come for the Commencement Ceremony?
  • Please arrive 90 minutes early and bring your Student ID for check-in at the ceremony.
  • Please visit the Commencement website for the Commencement schedule. Students will receive an email during the week leading up to Commencement, containing important Commencement information.

When will my degree be awarded?
  • Awarding of degrees will begin after grades have been posted and may take up to six weeks to complete.
  • Be sure to confirm your DegreeWorks audit(s) reflect 100%. If so, the degree will be awarded in a timely manner. If not, please contact your academic advisor or graduate program director.
  • Summer graduates, regardless of degree completion in H1 or H2, will be awarded degrees at the end of the full summer term (August) after final grades have been posted.

When will I receive my diploma?
  • If the degree has been awarded, the diploma will be mailed six to eight weeks after Commencement, as long as there are no financial holds on your account.

Diploma status indicates diploma has been shipped – when will I receive it?
  • After the diploma has been mailed, please allow up to six weeks via US mail and up to eight weeks via International mail. If you have not received your diploma after this time frame, please email Graduation Services at

How can I check on the status of my diploma?
  • You can check on the status of your diploma by clicking here.

What will be displayed on the diploma?
  • The student’s name as it is listed on the application, the degree, the major(s), and academic distinctions (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude) are displayed on the diploma.
  • Minors, Concentrations, Departmental and Institutional honors are not listed on the diploma. They are displayed on the official transcript.

How will my name be displayed on the diploma?
  • By default, the name printed on your diploma will be the name you provided on your graduation application.
  • If you would like to change the name listed on your diploma, prior to commencement, please send a request to Please be sure to include your student ID number and the correct spelling of the full name you would like printed.
  • UNC Charlotte considers the diploma to be a ceremonial document that honors the completion of a degree. Your official transcript, which will list your legal name, is the official University record verifying the conferral of a degree. However, because some countries may require your diploma for various legal, immigration, and employment purposes, UNC Charlotte recommends printing your legal name on your diploma if you plan to live, study, or work outside of the United States.

What name will be announced at Commencement?

By default, the name announced during commencement and listed in the commencement program will be the diploma name you provided on your graduation application. The name will be entered into a 3rd party system called Marching Order, whereby you will have the opportunity to verify and record the pronunciation.

How can I change my diploma mailing address?
  • Undergraduate students can email and Graduate students can email their college liaison to update their diploma address.
  • Always fill out a Change of Address Form with the U.S. Postal Service in case your diploma has been mailed prior to the “change of address” in our system.
  • If your diploma(s) has been ordered and/or mailed, the address cannot be updated.

How do I get extra commencement tickets?
  • Tickets are needed for both the Spring (May) and Fall (December) commencement ceremonies.
  • Please check the Commencement website for the availability of extra tickets.

How can I order a duplicate diploma?
  • Please click here to access our online duplicate diploma order form.
  • If your diploma requires notarization or if your name has changed, do not proceed with the online ordering system. Please contact Graduation Services at On the online duplicate diploma order form, you will need to use the Submit a Diploma Request button, rather than the Search My Diploma feature in these instances.

What is an eDiploma and how can I order one?

What is a Secure ID and how can I find or obtain one?
  • Your Secure ID safely and securely identifies you in our diploma vendor system.
  • Your Secure ID can be found in your Diploma Shipping Notification Email sent by the diploma distributor. Please save this email for future reference as this is required each time you need access to your diploma.
  • If you cannot find your Secure ID, contact Graduation Services at