Inter-Institutional Opportunities

UNC Charlotte offers additional enrollment opportunities through partnerships with other institutions.

Inter-Institutional Registration

This program is available for currently enrolled students at UNC Charlotte. You can take courses on-site at one of the following participating institutions:

  • UNC Greensboro
  • NC State
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • Duke University
  • NC Central

The registration process is initiated in the Office of the Registrar by submitting an Inter-Institutional Approval Form and requires approval of the student’s college. If you are a graduate student, you will need approval of the Graduate School. Enrollment for Inter-Institutional courses is normally limited to the following:

  • Fall and Spring terms: Two courses per term provided that the student is also registered for the balance of their normal load at UNC Charlotte.
  • Summer sessions: One course per summer session provided the student is also registered for at least three hours per session at UNC Charlotte.

Tuition will be billed by UNC Charlotte for all courses taken, including the Inter-Institutional courses. Tuition will be waived at the visiting institution, but you may be responsible for fees associated with a particular course. You must adhere to the academic calendar for all adds, drops, and withdrawals at both institutions.

To seek approval to take inter-institutional courses, please complete the Inter-Institutional Approval Form.


If you need to take a course that is not offered at UNC Charlotte, you may apply to complete that course at another consortium school.

Completing a course at another consortium school:

  • The Greater Charlotte Consortium expands course availability to students in the Greater Charlotte area.
  • The agreement between participating schools in Charlotte helps you proceed toward graduation without interruption in your degree progression due to limited course availability on your home campus.
  • Available to undergraduate, degree-seeking students enrolled full time at your institution.

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What is the Inter-Institutional Agreement?

The Inter-Institutional Agreement is a partnership between select institutions in North Carolina that allows enrolled students to take courses at other participating institutions. The institutions currently participating in this inter-institutional agreement include UNC Charlotte, Duke University, North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro, and North Carolina Central University.

Am I eligible for Inter-Institutional registration?

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students at UNC Charlotte must receive permission to participate in Inter-Institutional registration. The following are general guidelines:

  • Undergraduate students must obtain permission from their academic college.
  • Graduate students must obtain permission from their College Dean and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

The proposed course cannot be offered at UNC Charlotte, during the term you wish to enroll at the participating campus.

What does the home and host institution mean?

The home institution is the school where you are identified as degree-seeking. The host institution is where you plan to take inter-institutional registered courses.

For example: if you attend UNC Charlotte as a degree-seeking student and wish to take a class at NC State, UNC Charlotte would be your home institution and NC State would be the host institution.

How many courses can I take per semester?

UNC Charlotte Students:

  • Fall and Spring terms: Two courses per term for graduate or professional students and one course per term for undergraduate students; provided that the student is also registered for the remainder of their normal course load at UNC Charlotte.
  • Summer: One course per summer half-term provided that the student is also registered for at least three hours at UNC Charlotte during the summer term they plan to participate through Inter-Institutional registration.

Visiting Students:

  • Please check with your home institution to confirm the minimum and the maximum number of your courses and/or credit hours you can take per semester in the Inter-Institutional program.

How do I start the process to participate in Inter-Institutional registration?
  • Complete the Inter-Institutional Approval Form.
  • Obtain the approval signature of your academic department/advisor, College Dean, and/or Graduate School (where applicable).
  • You must be enrolled in courses at UNC Charlotte for the semester you plan to participate before you submit the completed Inter-Institutional Approval Form to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar in King 141 or email your form to You do not need to apply for admission to the host institution.

Contacts at the other partner institutions:

What can I expect after I submit my form to the Office of the Registrar?

Once you have been registered at the host institution, a placeholder course will be applied to your UNC Charlotte academic record for financial aid, academic advising, and record maintenance purposes.

When will I be registered for my course(s)?

UNC Charlotte Students:

  • You will be notified by the host institution if and when you can be registered for the requested course. Please note, registration windows for host schools may vary.

Visiting Students:

  • Inter-Institutional registrations are available on a space-available basis. Registration will occur on the last day of the last orientation session. This is usually one to two days before the start of the term. This is to ensure that UNC Charlotte’s degree-seeking students are given priority during the registration and orientation periods. UNC Charlotte will notify you by email confirming your course registration.

Note: registration overrides will not be issued to increase course seating capacity for students participating in the Inter-Institutional program. Please have alternative course options available in case your preferred course option fills up. UNC Charlotte’s Office of the Registrar will contact the course instructor to obtain permission to register you for your course(s).

Where can I find a list of course offerings?

UNC Charlotte Students:

  • Each participating campus will likely list their available courses in different places. In most cases, you can search their website or reach out to the Office of the Registrar at the visiting campus.

Visiting Students:

  • If you plan to take classes at UNC Charlotte, you can start by looking at UNC Charlotte’s schedule of classes. It is recommended that you speak to your advisor about potential course options at other schools and how those courses may satisfy degree requirements at your home institution.

Are there courses not eligible for Inter-Institutional registration?

Yes, the following are examples:

  • Independent study, laboratory, internship, and distance education courses are not eligible for Inter-Institutional registration.
  • The College Dean and/or the Graduate School of the home institution must verify the course is appropriate for your degree program and that an equivalent course is not available for registration at the home institution during the same term.

Will the course(s) I take at the host institution impact my GPA?

UNC Charlotte Students:

  • Courses taken at the host institution will count as transfer credit and will not impact your UNC Charlotte GPA. Please request your official transcript(s) from the host institution(s) at the end of the term, so credit can be applied to your Charlotte record.

Visiting Students:

  • Please check with your home institution to confirm how courses taken at UNC Charlotte will impact your GPA.

Do I need to be in good academic standing to participate in the Inter-Institutional Program?

UNC Charlotte Students:

  • The student’s academic advisor and/or College Dean will certify the student’s eligibility to participate under the terms of this Inter-Institutional Agreement.

Please note: Classes taken at the host institution will count as transfer credit, as such, it will not impact your UNC Charlotte GPA or academic standing.

Visiting Students:

  • Please check with your home institution to determine the eligibility requirements for Inter-Institutional registration.

Is there a fee associated with this program?

No, students participating in Inter-Institutional registration pay tuition and fees to their home institution only. There are also no application fees. The only exception is if there are course-specific fees at the host institution

How do I know what books I need?

Students are provided books through the Niner Course Pack Program. The fee is billed to your student account at UNC Charlotte. More information about the program, including info on opt-ing out of the program, can be on the Niner Course Pack webpage.

What if I need academic assistance, such as tutoring?

You can find information for academic support services from the UNC Charlotte Academic Advising website.

What if I need to change, drop or withdraw from a course?

All registration changes must go through the home institution’s Office of the Registrar. You must follow the academic calendar of your home institution for add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines.

How do I give my family access to my academic records?

It is recommended that you enter any designated persons into UNC Charlotte’s Guest Access Portal if you wish to share your academic information with. This will identify who has permission to discuss your academic records with UNC Charlotte personnel.

How does parking work on the UNC Charlotte campus?

Parking permits are required on-campus. To purchase a permit, visit Parking and Transportation Services.

Is there someone I can speak to regarding the Inter-Institutional Program?

Yes! You may reach an Inter-Institutional registration coordinator at

Contacts at Other Schools: