Early Entry Graduate Students

Early entry graduates are students who are taking one or more graduate-level courses while they are finishing their undergraduate coursework, and are enrolled as an undergraduate student.

For financial aid purposes, these students are treated as undergraduates, with these provisions:

  • The amount of financial aid that will be disbursed to your account is based only on the number of undergraduate hours you are enrolled in.
  • If you are taking a graduate level course that is also meeting one of your undergraduate requirements, then your aid will disburse based on the number of credits that are meeting undergraduate requirements.
    • For example, if an early entry student is enrolled for 12 hours (3 hours are undergraduate and 9 hours are graduate) and the Office Financial Aid receives the Early Entry Program Form signed by the graduate school stating that one class at the graduate level is meeting the undergraduate degree requirement, then you your aid will be awarded and disburse for 6 hours of undergraduate coursework.
    • Please note, There must be an approved academic petition before this exception will occur.