Registration Resources

As you prepare to register, we've put together some quick resources to ensure a smooth process for you!

General Resources

Whether it is your first or last time registering for classes, these general resources should support you throughout the process.

Below are the building abbreviations as they appear on your course schedule.

Abbreviation      Building Name
ATKNS Atkins Library
ATAC Athletic Training & Academic Center
BSAC Barnhardt Student Activity Center/Halton Arena
BIOIN Bioinformatic Building
BRNRD Barnard
BURSN Burson
CARC Cameron Hall
COED College of Education
CHHS College of Health & Human Services
COLVD Colvard
CONE Bonnie E. Cone Center
CITY Center City (Uptown)
CYPRE Cypress Hall
DUKE Duke Centennial Hall
EPIC Energy Production & Infrastructure Center
FRET Fretwell
FRIDY Friday
GRNGR Garinger
GRIGG Grigg Hall
GYMNS Belk Gymnasium
HAWTH Hawthorn
HEALC Student Health Center
JBCB Johnson Band Center Building
KNNDY Kennedy
MCEN McEniry
MCMIL McMillan Greenhouse
MEMOR Memorial Hall
UREC University Recreation Center
ROBIN Robinson Hall
ROSE Judy W. Rose Football Center
SCIENC Science Building
STORR Storrs
STUN Student Union
WINN Winningham
WITHR Witherspoon
WOODW Woodward Hall
Your academic advisor is an incredible resource for ensuring you are selecting the appropriate classes and making progress on your degree. If you haven’t already met with your advisor, we highly encourage you to connect with them. Academic colleges’ and departments’ schedules may shift during registration week given the high volume of requests. Make an appointment now!

Prior to changing your major and/or minor

  • We encourage you to consider the implications on time-to-degree and cost.
  • View DegreeWorks to research majors and academic progression.

Current Students

To declare or change your major or minor:

  • Be sure you meet the prerequisites for admission to the department.  You can view the academic department's requirements on their web page. 
  • Contact your academic department in person, by email, or by telephone to seek approval, as indicated on the department web page.
  • The academic department will review your request, which can take 5-10 business days, depending on the volume of requests.  (More specific information may be available on the department web page or by contacting the department directly.)
  • If you are accepted into the new major, a change of major request form will be sent by the academic department to the Office of the Registrar.  Typical processing time, once received in the Office of the Registrar, is 3-5 business days.

To drop a major or minor:

  • If you would like to drop your major or minor, using your University email address, send a request to identifying:
  • Your name
  • Your student ID number
  • Statement specifying “I want to drop my [insert major/minor name].”

New Students

Change of major on admissions application, before enrollment/registration:

  • If you listed a major on your admission application, but you want to change that major, please send an email requesting the major change to Include your name and date of birth in the email.
  • The admissions office will review your major change request and notify you of their decision.

Final Exam Schedules

Final Exam Template

Reading Day

  • Reading day is your day to study and prepare for your exams.  You will not have exams or required activities on this day.​

Exam Conflicts

  • If a student has three (3) exams scheduled for the same day, University policy allows that student to reschedule the middle exam. A make-up exam is arranged by mutual agreement between the instructor and the students.
  • If a student has two (2) exams scheduled for the same day and time, a make-up exam is arranged by mutual agreement between the student and one of the course instructors.
  • If you have an exam conflict, you may submit this Final Examination Conflict Form.
  • View the University Policy 202, Final Examinations
View the current schedule of classes in Student Self Service. To see when the schedule for the upcoming term will be available, view the Academic Calendar.

UNC Charlotte offers courses for the full term, as well as condensed courses that vary in length within each full term. Each term has specific start and end dates, drop/add periods, and refund deadlines. Sometimes a session is referred to as “part of term”. For additional information, view Parts of Term Definitions.

Want to learn more? Check out these FAQs.

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Schedule Wizard

A tool to help you plan for the upcoming term in addition to your other commitments and involvement. 

Meet with your advisor or graduate program director, and if necessary request any needed permits, petitions or overrides before registration.

Log in to your MyCharlotte Portal and look for the Schedule Wizard icon under Quick Links to begin creating potential schedules!

Once it is your time to register, go back into Schedule Wizard, select a schedule that works best for you and click Send to Shopping Cart. Schedule Wizard creates a registration plan with the sections you selected. Click Register for Classes then select the Plans tab, and you will be able to register using your Schedule Wizard registration plan.

Schedule Wizard does not check for or display restrictions on courses. If a course has a restriction (such as major or level) you will receive an error message in Banner if you do not meet the qualifications to register for the course.

Have additional questions? Check out these FAQs.

Repeat Course Overrides

Overrides are necessary if you want to take a course that you have previously taken.

You may only register for a course if credit has already been earned for that course, if the course description in the University catalog indicates it "may be repeated for credit". 

  • This applies to credit earned at UNC Charlotte or transferred from other Institutions.
  • The registration error message, “Repeated Course”, prevents students from registering for that specific course without a “REPEAT” override.
  • This override will ONLY handle the “Repeated Course” registration error message, however; additional overrides may be needed if other error messages are received.
  1. Contact the person listed below based on your major's college to request a repeat override.
  2. Register for your class ONLY IF the repeat override is approved.
  3. Approved overrides requested for classes that are currently in progress will be issued beginning three weeks after the first day of registration.
  4. After registering for the course, if you are doing a Grade Replacement Request, be sure to submit your request through by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar.
  5. At the end of the term, if credit is earned for the class, students are subject to the Repeating Courses policy in the University Catalog. The “REPEAT” override does not impact this policy.

College of Arts + Architecture

  • Architecture, Art, and Art History: Please see your advisor
  • Dance, Music, and Theatre: Please see your department office

Belk College of Business

  • Contact the Belk College of Business Advising Center

College of Computing & Informatics

  • Contact your assigned academic advisor

Cato College of Education

  • Pre-majors (prior to admission to a teacher education program):  Contact the Office of Teacher Education Advising, Licensure, and Recruitment (TEALR)
  • Majors (post admission to a teacher education program): Contact the advisor or Undergraduate Program Coordinator in your major

Lee College of Engineering

  • First-year students: Contact the Office of Student Development and Success
  • All other students: Contact the Undergraduate Coordinator or Academic Advisor in your major

College of Health & Human Services

  • For CHHS Pre-Majors: Contact the CHHS Advising Center
  • For CHHS Majors: Contact their Program Coordinator
  • For Nursing majors: Contact the Associate Director of the Undergraduate Division

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Contact the Main Department Office of your major/minor

University College

  • Contact the University Advising Center

Honors College

  • Contact the Honors College

Graduate Students

  • Contact your Graduate Department for assistance