Refunds for Reductions in Hours

If you drop one or more classes prior to the add/drop date, you may receive a reduction of your tuition and fees.

Tuition/fees refunds due to reduction in hours

  • If you drop one or more classes prior to the add/drop date, you are entitled to a reduction of tuition and fees.
  • The deadline to drop a course and receive a tuition reduction (while still remaining registered in other courses) is the last day of the add/drop period for the term. 
    • Refer to the Academic Calendar for the "last day to add/drop with no grade" for each term.
  • Dropping classes may affect your financial aid.
  • After the add/drop period has ended, there will be NO tuition refunds for a partial course-load withdrawal. 

Dropping or withdrawing from all classes

Appeal for Tuition, Housing and Dining Refund

  • If you have extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration of a refund, you may submit an Appeal for Tuition, Housing and Dining Refund to request a reduction in charges.
  • The appeal must be substantiated by medical reasons, unexpected employment changes, death in the immediate family, or University error, and will be reviewed by the University Appeals Committee.
  • Tuition refunds will not be considered if you have received any grade other than a "W'.