Billing Information

Your account begins to incur charges after you have registered for classes or signed up for housing or meal plans.

Your student account

  • Charges for the fall semester begin showing on your account in early July. 
  • Charges for the spring semester begin showing on your account in November. 
  • The university does not mail paper bills. Account balance reminders are sent to the student's university email. 
  • If you are a parent and want to view your student's account, the student must add you as an Authorized Payer.

Viewing charges on your account

To view the current charges on your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to My UNC Charlotte
  2. Click the View Account & Statements button in the My Student Account block

As you add or drop classes, or add meal plans, housing, etc, your bill amount will change

*Note: If you are having issues logging in to your billing portal, try using FireFox or Internet Explorer.

When is my payment due?

  • Full payment is due by the due date shown on your account
  • Students are responsible for making sure that the total amount due is paid by the due date.
  • If your account balance is not paid in full by the due date, your classes will be cancelled.
  • View payment due dates

Summer billing

  • All Summer classes are billed up front
    • If you are registered for summer classes, your bill will show charges for ALL courses you registered for during any 2021 summer session, i.e. Full Term, First Half Term (formerly known as Summer I), Second Half Term (formerly known as Summer II).
  • Summer bill due date is May 25
    • You must pay for ALL summer classes at the beginning of the Summer semester. 
    • The payment is due by May 25th for classes that are being taken during the First Half Term, Second Half Term, and Full Summer Term.
  • Adding classes after May 25
    • Adding classes or changing the number of credit hours after the initial due date will affect your bill. 
    • Payments for charges incurred after May 25 are due by July 7. 
    • If you registered for a summer class, but no longer plan to attend, be sure to drop the class to avoid being billed.
    • You are responsible for all associated fees for classes in which you are registered, regardless of attendance.  

Explanation of charges on your account

  • Estimated Financial Aid 
    • Your account will reflect “estimated financial aid.”
    • Estimated aid includes pending aid which the student has accepted.
    • Students must complete all requirements/documentation to ensure that those funds are applied to your account.
  • Authorized & Disbursed Aid
    • Authorized Aid is your accepted financial aid, including loans, that will be applied to your account. 
    • Disbursed Aid is the total amount of aid that has been applied (credited) to your account.
  • Health Insurance
    • All students are charged for health insurance each semester.
    • If you already have health insurance, you may waive your health insurance here
    • Please allow three weeks for your submitted health insurance waiver to be processed.  If the approved waiver is not reflected on your bill, you can substract the premium charge from the amount due before making payments or enrolling in a UNC Charlotte payment plan.
  • Prior balances
    • Financial Aid can only be used to pay for charges during the designated term. So any prior semester balance that is owed must be paid before the billing due date. Even if the current semester’s aid will generate a refund, the student must pay prior term charges out of pocket before the billing due date.

Additional information